jewelry wholesale listing for hematite stretch bracelets beaded jewellery

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jewelry wholesale listing for hematite stretch bracelets beaded jewellery

Gemstone Information - Hematite

Hematite is an iron oxide, metallic, opaque stone found in iron-mining areas. The name hematite in Greek means 'blood'. The synonym bloodstone is derived from the fact that, when cut the hematite pieces, the saw coolant becomes colored red.

There are few hematite varieties, such as iron luster, red iron ore, red ironstone, red glass head. Color varied from black, black-gray, brown-red. Some hematite stones may have iridescent surfaces and play of light on it. The "specular" hematite is the shiny crystals once used as mirrors.

Main deposits are found in New Zealand , Cumberland , England , Quebec of Canada, Brazil , Bangladesh , China , Minnesota of U.S.

With a hardness of 61/2, same as marcasite, Hematite is easily carved and was popular for use in carving hollow cameo portraits known as intaglio. In now a days, hematite is popular carved as small to medium souvenir ornaments, fashion jewelry pendants. It also cut and polished into beads, cabochons to make bracelets, necklaces, rings etc.

It is believed that hematite gathers and calms scattered energies and ensures the wearer alertness, vivacity, and success in litigation and is a must for the lawyer. It also believed to ensure sexual impulse.

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