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Free UPS ground shipping to Canada and continental USA for all jewelry only orders or handicrafts / clothing / jewelry combined orders over CDN$300 / USD$300
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New Arrival Pashmina Shawl

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Spring 2010 Sale
Start From $2 Each, Mirror, Bamboo Windchime, Masks and More. Biggest Deal Ever !!

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Oil Burner and Aroma Lamp. Wholesale prices in US Dollar

Dark purple sun moon star ceramic oil burner with flat top ceramic oil burner or potpourri pot painting dark purple sun moon star with flat top Floral design round top one-piece ceramic oil warmer Wholesale potpourri burner. Floral design round top one-piece ceramic oil warmer and potpourri supply
Dark purple sun moon star ceramic oil burner with round bowl top essential oil warmer of Dark purple sun moon star ceramic oil burner with round bowl top Fashion oil burner with bowl top, assorted color randomly pick Aroma therapy oil warmer wholesale. Lovely dog design ceramic oil burner
Oil burner wholesale of dolphin tripod in assorted color ceramic. Potpourri handmad giftware. Gift for her - Color painting ceramic aromatherapy oil burner with naked girl pattern decor Color painting ceramic oil warmer with naked girl pattern decor Assorted color fashion piggy pot ceramic oil burner

Aromatherapy oil burner in assorted color fashion piggy pot ceramic designs Scented oil burner, ceramic oil warmer with nakeed kids playing pattern decor ceramic oil warmer with nakeed kids playing pattern decor Assorted design aroma fragrance box set with 1 oil burner, 2 candle, 1 essensial oil
Assorted design blue color painted orange sun moon pattern decor fashion ceramic oil burner, set of 4 pieces Two hands holding a cup design white ceramic fashion oil burner Assorted flower design straight stand fashion glass oil fragrance Empty nut design ceramic oil burner with tree stem pattern ceramic stand

Blue painted with assorted tattoo design fashion glass oil burner with flat glass plate on top Brown painted empty top pot design ceramic oil burner with tree stem pattern ceramic stand Tea pot design ceramic oil burner with standHeart love style ceramic oil burner

ceramic oil burner in assorted design or potpourri pot painting dark purple sun moon star or other shape with flat top


USD$27 for 6 pieces (equal to USD$4.50 each)
USD$48 for 12 pieces (equal to USD$4.00 each)
USD$72 for 24 pieces (equal to USD$3 each)


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This web site is updated on Jan 2, 2009

Sterling Silver Jewelry Wholesale Price In USD$
Toe Ring No Stone P1 new Silver Ring No Stone P4 Silver Pendant P2 Silver Earring P1 new Silver Necklace Chain
Toe Ring w/ Stone P1 new Silver Ring w/ Stone P1 new Silver Pendant P3 Silver Earring P2 new Silver Bracelet & Bangle P1 
Silver Anklets P1 new Silver Ring w/ Stone P2 new Silver Pendant P4new Silver Earring P3 new Necklace Bracelet Handmade
Silver Ring No Stone P1 new Silver Ring w/ Stone P3 new Silver Pendant P5new Silver Earring P4 Bali Silver Beads P1
Silver Ring No Stone P2 Silver Ring w/ Stone P4 new Silver Studs Earrings Silver Earring P5 Body Jewelry P1
Silver Ring No Stone P3 Silver Pendant P1 Silver Pin Brooch P1 Silver Earring P6 Amber Jewelry
        Earring Pendant Set

Watches, Fashion Jewelry, Beads Gemstone, Jewelry Display Wholesale Price
-- New Low Prices --

Bali Shell Bead Wood Jewelry  new Fashion Ring new Bronze Jewelry  new Hemp Necklace Bracelet Glass Bead Handpainted  
Fashion Necklace P1  Fashion Earring Pendants Charms Fade Body Jewelry Wood Bead Glass Bead
Fashion Necklace P2  Fashion Anklet Fashion Jewelry Set P1 Light-up Necklace, Body Light Gemstone on Strang
Fashion Bracelet P1  Hematite Necklace Bracelet  Fashion Jewelry Set P2 Italian Charm Bracelet Silver Plated Bali Bead Spacer
Fashion Bracelet P2  Slave Bracelets Fashion Toe Ring Fashion Pin Brooch  Crystal initial bracelet
Watches Jewelry Display Ring Box


Sarong Kanga, Clothing, Handbags, Belts and Buckles, Shoes, Sandals, Fashion Accessories
Sarong   new Mini Skirts Clothing Set Nail Art Supply Jacket
Dresses / Dress Sets new Long Skirts Swim Suit Sunglasses Sock  
Pants Crocheted Bra Top Bikini Sandal  Fashion Shirt Top Sweater
Shirts Tops Lingerie Belt Hair Accessory Jean
Pashmina Scarf / Poncho  new Handbag Hats and Headgear Boots And Shoes

Gifts, Home Accent, Garden Decor, Tribal Art, Handicraft Wholesale Price
Abstract Carving CD Carrying Case, Purse Fridge Magnet Lighter Decorative Photo Album 
Address Book, Notebook Health Ball, Massage Tool Fruits Mask  Picture Frame, Photo Frame 
Animal Carvings Clock Glass Mosaic Mirror  Mini Musical Instrument Primitive Tribal Carving 
Bandana, Scarf Curtain Pull, Beaded Curtain Home Decor Great Prices Mini Surfboard Rainstick and Didgeridoo
Bamboo Windchime Cushion Cover Hook and Hanger  Miniature Motocycle  Rolling Decoration
Beaded Purse  Door Stopper Incense Holder Mirror P1 Salad Spoon Fork Set
Blanket Dream Chime Incense, Oil  Mirror P2 Scale
Binocular Dreamcathers Jewelry Box and Drawer  Mirror P3  Skull and Skeleton
Boomerang Drum and Music Instrument Jigsaw Puzzle Mobile  Stationary
Buddha Eye Glass Holder Key Chain Money Box, Piggy Bank  Sushi Roller
Calendar Feng Shui Decor  Kitchenware  Napkin Holder Sword, Bow and Arrow
Candle  Flowers Lamp Shape  Oil Burner, Aroma Lamp Wind dancer
Candleholder  Flying Creation  Letter Opener Pencil Windchime Wooden 

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